The Scientific Society of the Silicate Industry is committed to provide moral and material appreciation for its members who supported the goal and activity of the Society with outstanding performance. To this purpose, it grants its members and put them up for various honors.

The outstanding performance that is the basis of the acknowledgment can be the high-level performance of a specific task or an activity performed for a prolonged period. The acknowledgment is awarded with having regard to the activity facilitating the featured task.

Szilikátiparért (for the silicate industry) medal
The Szilikátiparért medal is an honor awarded by the Society to its own members. The Presidency of the Society decides on awarding the honor based on the proposals of the Divisions. The honor is awarded annually on the Builders’ Day.

MTESZ Award, Medal
The Society – during the operation of MTESZ – was entitled to give a proposal for awarding the MTESZ Award and Medal. The proposals were discussed by the former management.

Other government and social honors
In addition to the above, the Society is entitled to put up its deserving members for various government and social honors.

Members of the Society awarded in the recent years

Szilikátiparért2016Sopronyi GáborBrick and Tile
(for the silicate industry)Kohányi IstvánGlass
medalKürti IstvánStone and Gravel
2015Dr. Szépvölgyi JánosFine Ceramics
Kárpáti LászlóStone and Gravel
Kiss RóbertBrick and Tile
Görbics FerencGlass
2014Varga ZsuzsaGlass
Dr. Kakassy GyulaBrick and Tile
Sey PongrácBrick and Tile
Keller AntalBrick and Tile
Dr. Rudnyánszky PálInsulation Materials
2013Csányi ErikaConcrete
Gallé GáborGlass
 Gál LászlóInsulation Materials
 Varga SándorBrick and Tile
2012Dr. Boksay ZoltánGlass
Dr. Tamás FerencCement
 Regenhart PéterInsulation Materials
2011Dr. Dani SándornéBrick and Tile
Dr. Kertész PálStone and Gravel
 Dr. Baksa CsabaInsulation Materials
 Tóthné Kiss KláraGlass
 2010Dr. György JózsefFine Ceramics
 Mattyasovszky Zsolnay EszterBrick and Tile
 Dr. Kausay TiborConcrete
 2009Dr. Ujhelyi JánosConcrete
 Kató AladárBrick and Tile
 Lipták GyörgyGlass
 Asztalos IstvánVezetőség
 2008Csányi ErikaConcrete
 Bocskay LászlóCement
 Soós TiborFine Ceramics
 2007Dr. Salem Georges NehmeConcrete
 Sas LászlóCement
 Bobály JánosStone and Gravel
 2006Dr. Szalóki GyulánéVezetőség
 Dr. Balázs GyörgyConcrete
 Dr. Gálos MiklósStone and Gravel
 2005Dr. Arany PiroskaConcrete
 Dr. Wojnárovits LászlónéVezetőség
 Jákó KláraInsulation Materials
 2004Dr. Kovács KárolyVezetőség
 Dr. Liptay AndrásConcrete
 Iffy LászlóInsulation Materials
2003Dr. Erdélyi AttilaConcrete
 Vajda LászlóStone and Gravel
 Szerb JózsefBrick and Tile
 2002Koska JánosVezetőség
 Serédi BélaStone and Gravel
 2001Dr. Fodor PéternéCement
 Varga ZsuzsaGlass
 Dr. Szaladnya SándorFine Ceramics
 2000Szántó JózsefCement
 Dr. Opoczky LudmillaCement
 Bódogh ZsuzsannaFine Ceramics
 1999Dr. Józsa ZsuzsannaConcrete
 Mogyorósi SándornéCement
 Molnár GyulaFine Ceramics
 Dr Gömze A. LászlóFine Ceramics
 Fekete LászlóStone and Gravel
 Sopronyi Gábor    Brick and Tile
 Dr. Bálint  PálBrick and Tile
 Bogdán GyörgyInsulation Materials
 Dr. Rudnyánszky PálInsulation Materials
 Dr. Szabó IstvánGlass
 Dr. Wojnárovits LászlónéVezetőség
 Palócz Mária
MTESZ Award, Medal2008Serédi BélaStone and Gravel
 2007Spránitz FerencConcrete
 2006Dr. Kausay TiborConcrete
 2005Sey PongrácBrick and Tile
 2003Dr. Szabó IstvánGlass
 2002Dr. Rudnyánszky PálInsulation Materials
 2001Riesz LajosVezetőség
Ministerial Certificate2016Márkus László Glass
of Recognition2015Emszt GyulaStone and Gravel
Haraszti LászlóInsulation Materials
2014Ferenci PéterGlass
Dr. Wojnárovits LászlónéFine Ceramics
2013Suha ZoltánGlass
Frics TamásGlass
2012Illés FerencCement
Lipták GyörgyGlass
Dr. Rudnyánszky PálInsulation Materials
Tóthné Kiss KláraGlass
2011Csörge TiborCement
2010Sas LászlóCement
 2009Asztalos IstvánVezetőség
 2008Serédi BélaStone and Gravel
 2007Bakos JózsefInsulation Materials
 Gallé GáborGlass
 Sáros BálintCement
 Sopronyi GáborBrick and Tile
 Dr. Szűcs IstvánFine Ceramics
 Domonyi FrigyesnéFine Ceramics
 Riesz LajosCement
 Dancs LászlóCement
2006Gál LászlóInsulation Materials
 Haraszti LászlóInsulation Materials
 Lázár VendelBrick and Tile
 Dr. Szaladnya SándorVezetőség
 Szarkándi JánosCement
 Regenhardt PéterInsulation Materials
 Kiss RóbertBrick and Tile
 Lippay PéterBrick and Tile
2005Kosztrián JánosInsulation Materials
 Oberitter MiklósCement
 Kovács JózsefBrick and Tile
 Asztalos IstvánVezetőség
2004Dr. Lenkei MáriaFine Ceramics
 Dr. Baksa CsabaInsulation Materials
 Kató AladárBrick and Tile
 Molnár MiklósInsulation Materials
 Dr. Fodor MártaCement
 Dr. Hilger MiklósCement
 Stark LászlóBrick and Tile
 Dr. Liptay AndrásConcrete
 Dr. Gömze A. LászlóFine Ceramics
2003Tóthné Kiss KláraGlass
 Mátó GyulaBrick and Tile
2002Dr. Dobos ImreCement
 Dr. Gálos MiklósStone and Gravel
 Lipták GyörgyGlass
 Pataky ElemérInsulation Materials
2001Melegné Kiss KatalinFine Ceramics
 Dr. Dani SándornéBrick and Tile
 Dr. Berényi FerencInsulation Materials
2000Dr. Kausay TiborConcrete
 Juhász BélaBrick and Tile
 Dr. Gneth ZoltánInsulation Materials
1999Katona LajosCement
 Sey PongrácBrick and Tile
 Dr. Práder MáriaInsulation Materials
Dr. Pál Rudnyánszky, co-President of the Society received the Eötvös Loránd Award in 2004.

In 2004, Eszter Mattyasovszky Zsolnay (Brick and Tile) and Ferenc Illés (Cement) were recorded in the MTESZ Memory Album for the “Outstanding work performance in the field of quality management”.

In 2006, Dr. Pál Rudnyánszky, SZTE co-President was awarded the Hungarian Silver Cross of Merit.

In 2008, Dr. János Szépvölgyi, our President at the time, was awarded The Knight’s Cross of the Hungarian Order of Merit.

In December 2010, Dr. János Szépvölgyi, our president at the time, was awarded with the Gábor Dénes Award.

On December 3, 2012, Károly Kovács, member and former secretary general of our Society was awarded the Palotás László Award.

MANAGEMENT 2015-2017

István Asztalos - president
Sika Hungária Kft., advisor
CeMBeton, executive manager
Dr. Adorján Borosnyói - co-president
Editor-in-chief of Építőanyag - Journal of Silicate Based and Composite Materials

László Kárpáti - co-president
Pelso Plan Mérnökiroda Kft., manager

János Koska - co-president

Klára Tóthné Kiss - co-president
quality and environmental TÜV CERT auditor, advisor


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