The Society was founded in 1949. At that time, just after the World War II, the Hungarian building materials industry was one of the most backward industries both in technical and manufacturing terms. However, even at that time, a big demand arose for new building materials in the expanding private and public construction works. The expansion of the industry made a claim for an organization, which would help the cooperation of experts, exchange of information among them and promote their professional development, as well. The coincidence of circumstances forced the experts in the industry to cooperate and communicate with each other. In 1948 Endre Bereczky outlined the problems and tasks of the building materials industry, and he started the organize the Society.

The Federation of Technical and Scientific Societies (MTESZ) was founded in 1948. The Federation collected the technological experts from the whole country to rebuilt and improve the Hungarian economy ruined during World War II. The federation also undertook the representation of technological experts.

On 27th January, 1949 was the foundation meeting of the Scientific Society of the Building Material Industry. The president in his speech introduced the aim of the Society, called the attention to the importance of the building material industry, the modernization of its technology, the connection of its members and the importance of research and development.
By the foundation four Divisions came off: Cement and Lime Industry, Glass Industry, Quarry and Ceramics. Foundation of scientific periodical Építőanyag was also announced. The mission of the Society was defined as follows.

„The general aim of the Society is to help the restoration of the country, to promote public and private building operations in the towns and countryside, to enhance the productivity to an appropriate level and to reduce the operation costs of the industry by scientific and technical development.”

In the past decades the organization of the Society has been changed several times:

  • In 1952 the Ceramics Division separated to Hard and Fine Ceramics Divisions, respectively. In the same year, the Hard Ceramics Division changed its name to Brick and Tile Division.
  • In 1952 the Group of Insulation Materials was founded inside the Hard Ceramics Division. It became a separate Insulation Division in 1995.
  • In 1960 the Society changed its name to Scientific Society of the Silicate Industry.
  • In 1962 the Economic Division was founded, which operated until the 90’s.
  • In 1977 the Concrete Group was founded inside the Cement Division, which became a separate Concrete Division in 1998.

From 1990 this time the Society – still as a member of MTESZ – operated without state support, on a self-supporting basis.
From 1998 the Scientific Society of the Silicate Industry is an independent legal entity and public benefit organization registered by the Metropolitan Court.

MANAGEMENT 2022-2025

István Asztalos - president
CeMBeton, executive manager
Dr. Csaba Balázsi - co-president
HAS Centre for Energy Research, scientific advisor

Péter Ferenci - co-president
GE Hungary Ltd., Glass Technology Manager

László Kárpáti - co-president
Pelso Plan Mérnökiroda Kft., manager

János Koska - co-president