Any natural person or legal entity can be a patron member of the Society if they agree to the objectives of the Society and provide ethical and financial support for the activity of the Society.

The legal membership fee is voluntary and can be changed annually.

The Society provides the following services for its legal members:

  • Continuously provides notifications regarding the events of the Society and sends invitations to them.
  • Provides information about conferences held abroad regarding silicate industry topics.
  • Organizes professional and other events for its members on demand.
  • Upon request from, helps with the organization of training courses, exhibitions and product demonstrations.
  • Provides preferential opportunities to exhibit and advertise at the professional conferences organized by the Society.
  • Provides opportunity for introduction at the website of the Society.
  • Sends the Journal of Silicate Based and Composite Material.
  • If a certain amount of membership fee is paid, it will provide the opportunity to appear on the inner pages of every issue of the Journal of Silicate Based and Composite Material as follows: HUF 200,000–349,000 membership fee for ¼ of a page surface; HUF 350,000–499,000 membership fee for ½ of a page surface; HUF 500,000 or more membership fee for 1 page surface.
  • Provide further preferential advertising opportunities on the highlighted colored pages of the Journal of Silicate Based and Composite Material (B2, B3, B4 and colored inner pages). This provides 20% discount for ¼ of a page surface, 30% discount for ½ of a page surface and 50% discount for 1 page surface from the original price of the colored advertisements.
  • Upon request, forwards the electronic introduction materials of its legal member companies to its other members.
  • Upon assignment, the Society undertakes to solve separate, specific problems and develops the possible solution methods with the involvement of the most experienced experts in the given field.
  • Upon request, the Society contributes to the civil and association review of studies and proposals.
  • Involves its representative in the social management of the Society.