Any natural person who agrees to the Charter of the Society and pays the annual membership fee can be a member of the Society.

The annual membership fee of SZTE for individual members:
HUF 5000, for pensioners and students HUF 2000.

If you want to be a member of the Society, please download the following Entry Form, fill it out and send it to us.

The individual members of the society are the proper members, youth members, perpetual members and honorary members.
The proper members form the active staff of the Society; they perform the main creation activity within the Divisions.
The youth members are members who entered the society and are currently studying at a higher education institution.
The Society members who reached the age of 70 and have been a member of the Society for at least 20 years become perpetual members of the Society.
The perpetual members do not pay the membership fee.
The honorary membership is used by the Society to appreciate authoritative experts.

The Society provides the following services for its individual members:

  • Continuously provides notifications regarding the events of the Society and sends invitations to them.
  • Provides information about conferences held abroad regarding silicate industry topics.
  • Provides preferential participation for certain events of the Society.
  • Sends the Journal of Silicate Based and Composite Material.
  • Upon request, supports the realization of proposals that are in line with the goals of the Society.
  • Grants the right of speech and commenting at the Society Delegate Congress.
  • Grants the right to be registered in the register of experts of the Society.