The Concrete Group was created by the resolution of the 11th general assembly of SZTE held on 24th May, 1976 with the purpose of broadening the technical experts’ perspective in the Division regarding the evolution of cement usage and concrete technology. In 1998, the Group was transformed into an independent Division.

The Division undertakes the following as its duties:

  • to familiarize the technical experts with the usage related developments and technological evolution of cement and other concrete components,
  • organizing full-day and half-day inquiry conferences and debates with invited speakers,
  • organizing events facilitating experience exchange together with other associations to achieve a better flow of information,
  • facilitating personal meetings between experts working in different fields through scientific activities,
  • providing scientific level foundation for the practical knowledge required by the industry through the wide-range dissemination of achievements and by discussing experiences,
  • obtaining better and more up-to-date knowledge regarding concrete industry regulations, participating in the creation of such regulations particularly with regard to the European Union membership,
  • the Division considers the durability issues of concrete and finding scientific level solutions for the related technological tasks to be of particular interest,
  • facilitating individual membership advocacy activities and expert supply for the industry by involving young experts,
  • to obtain and publish knowledge regarding international scientific achievements.

Helps performing the tasks set forth by the division, by organizing national and local events. Participates in the annual Cementipari Napok (cement industry meeting) conference. Publishes articles in different journals, primarily in the journal of the Society (Journal of Silicate Based and Composite Materials) and also in the professional magazine Concrete (Beton) and the journal Concrete Structures (Vasbetonépítés) published by the Hungarian member group of fib. The Division regularly participates in the standardization works performed by the Technical Committees of the Hungarian Standards Institution.

The division usually organizes to inquiry conferences per year, which always revolve around current topics. We regularly have our inquiry conferences accredited by the Hungarian Chamber of Engineers. Furthermore, the division is a co-organizer of the distinguished conferences of the industry on several occasions.


Dr. Salem G. Nehme - president
Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Department of Construction Materials and Technologies, Associate Professor
Dr. Olivér Fenyvesi - secretary
Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Department of Construction Materials and Technologies, Assistant Professor




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