The Scientific Society of the Silicate Industry announces its Diploma Award Tender biennially for student graduated at the Pannon University, at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics, at the University of Miskolc, at the Ybl Miklós Faculty of Architecture of Szent István University, at the Faculty of Engineering and Information technology at the University of Pécs and at the Széchenyi István University in Győr.

The purpose of the tender:

  • material and moral appreciation of thesis works of outstanding quality and of their authors
  • promoting the activity of the Scientific Society of the Silicate Industry among the experts beginning their carriers and involving them in the related works

All students of the full-time and part-time trainings of the mentioned education institutions are allowed to submit work for the Diploma Award Tender provided that the submitted thesis work deals with a building material (including raw materials, finished product, manufacturing technologies, the development of new products, the recycling of industrial waste etc., with special regard to environmental issues related to building materials) that falls within the area of interest of SZTE.

Winners of the Diploma Award Tender will be granted a two-year membership in our Society beside the monetary prize and an opportunity to present their thesis work in the Építőanyag – Journal of Silicate Based and Composite Material.

Winners of the Diploma Award Tender in 2016:
Horváth Noémi: Ceramics workshop and creative house at Csíkdánfalva – first place;
Csanády Dániel: The effect of tunnel fires on the load-bearing capacity of the tunnel walls and rock surroundings – shared second place;
Gyurkó Zoltán: Discrete element modeling of hardness measurement – shared second place;
Kisgyörgy András: Study of the properties of bioactive glass ceramics shaped with various methods – third place.

Winners of the Diploma Award Tender in 2009:
Szabó Krisztián: Usability of various drosses as hydraulic auxiliary material in cement production – shared first place;
Czuppon Gábor: Study of the durability properties of light concrete – shared first place;
Fischer Noémi: Lightweight reinforced-concrete pedestrian bridge solutions – shared second place;
Zákány Ildikó: Alkali activated inorganic polymers as new generation solutions of binding agents – shared second place;
Németh Dóra: Study of YBa2Cu3Oy/Y2BaCuO5-ZrO2 and YBa2Cu3Oy/Y2BaCuO5-BaZrO3 systems – third place;
Pankhardt Dezső: Recyclability of concrete from building demolition and waste materials from overburden dumps as additive materials – certificate of recognition.

Winners of the Diploma Award Tender in 2007:
Szilágyi Katalin: Study and determination of fly ash mixing ratios for optimizing the mechanical properties of the produced cement – shared first place;
Sárosi Márton: Study of concrete foundation slabs of underground parking garages with regard to cracks occurring during construction – shared first place;
Kátai Béla Tamás: Property modifying effects of silicate layers in ground-rubber-filled polyethylene systems – shared second place;
Géber Róbert: The examination of recycling opportunity of mineral fillers as base materials in road construction – shared second place;
Kovács Ernő István: Development of a technical ceramic product of high aluminum-oxide content and of the related technology at Bakony Ipari Kerámia Kft. – third place.